Good, True, Beautiful: Week 46

To Read: Articles

The Witch director Robert Eggers spills his beans about The Lighthouse // Alissa Wilkinson // “I personally think so. It’s so funny, because I feel like so many people felt like The Witch wasn’t satisfying. But now all of a sudden everyone’s saying “The Witch had such a satisfying ending, and now this is unsatisfying.” Okay, fine. But, though my brother and I have answers about Robert Pattinson’s character’s past, it’s important for us to leave the questions open to the audience.”

two points about A Hidden Life // Alan Jacobs // “…but in the fourteen years since The New World came out Malick has deepened both his vision and his craft. I will have more to say about it, but only after more people have seen it.”

Granola — November Edition: The Indebted Life // Gracy Olmstead // “Our lives are an accumulation of debts because we are contingent, limited beings. We cannot provide for all our needs on our own. And while providing for all our needs via finance, which is largely how we have arrived in our present state, is unhealthy, we still must rely on others to provide for some of our essential needs, which is to say we must live according to a certain kind of debt.”

I Think About CCM A Lot // Kate Watson // “If you ever found yourself at a beachside Out of Eden concert in the late 90s, or spent time dedicating the contents of the CBD catalog to memory, or wondered whatever happened to the rest of the romantic saps who were addicted to Christy Miller books, or had passionate bedroom singalongs to any of the WoW Disc 2 offerings (if you liked Disc 1, you’re a cop) — this limited-run newsletter series is for you. Professional culture writers (and also, me lol) will examine the question of what it meant to grow up on the borderline of the Benedict Option.”

(Edition 2 features an essay by Columbia Tribune’s arts and music editor, Fathom Mag contributor, and Missouri School of Journalism instructor — who also happens to be an elder at our church.)

Indeed // John Blase // “Yet it was their evening walks God missed most,

when she and he would talk nonstop of all

they’d seen and heard and done that new day.”

Frail Father — Our Son’s Name // Clint Watkins // “Since the day we lost our son, his name has taken on a new significance. Eli means “my God,” a phrase found in many prayers throughout the Scriptures. It sometimes stands as a statement of confidence and praise. Other times it’s used to question God in the darkness. This cry that’s filled with both dependence and desperation is what Jesus called out from the cross before he died. “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” This captures the tension of our souls as we stumble forward in his absence.

It’s fitting that every time our son’s name is mentioned, a lament is spoken, a prayer of simultaneous heartache and hope.”

You are here: Home U.S. John Crist Cancels 2019 Tour Dates After Reports of Sexting, Harassment, Manipulation // Taylor Berglund // “I know how hard it is to succeed in the comedy scene,” Kate says. “Comedy clubs don’t pay well. But churches will pay you well, and it’s a much easier scene to break into. He knows this and even admitted the advantages of the Christian entertainment scene versus the pop culture comedy scene. What a shame he not only takes advantage of young women but God’s church.”


To Read: Books

Still working on some books, which I will share with y’all once completed! 

To Watch

Kanye West — Follow God // I like what Walter Kirn shared about it:

“‘An opportunity to be in snow…’

This is most disarming uplifting simple & vulnerable ‘video’ I’ve encountered in ages. Takes two minutes. #KanyeWest has taken ridiculous abuse for his new art. What a laugh. He’s radiant.”

To Listen: Music

Mandolin Orange — Such Jubilee 

Sandra McCracken — Christmas 

Andrew Bird — HARK! 

Audrey Assad — Sigh No More (single) 

Cool Anymore — Jordan Davis, Julia Michaels (single) 

To Listen: Audio

Birth as a Hero’s Journey // with Pam England // “Macarena Olsen: “I recently enjoyed listening to this interview of author, midwife, and artist Pam England: she discusses her latest book, Ancient Maps for Modern Birth, where she explores the literary tool of the Hero’s Journey as a map for childbirth preparation. Although most women in our culture experience birth merely as a medical journey (we are primarily encouraged to gather information to make the ‘right decisions’ and become ‘informed health consumers’), England charts a different path forward: one that binds the spiritual quest of the ancients with the modern search for identity to help women experience their birth as a rite of initiation rather than merely a medical outcome.”

To Make

Thai Food (made by someone else, that is) // Green Coconut Curry has been a favorite, and will always be. Jakob and I found a small spot downtown on Sunday for lunch before visiting a book shop over there, as well. Curry and Soup was just what we needed…. for my craving, mostly. Thank you, Big Mama Chim’s Noodle House.

To Cultivate

The Healthy Kinda Pride // I, along with many other people, are proud of Jakob for completing and turning in his dissertation to his Chemistry committee(!) The final thesis defense is later this month, but this is a huge step towards the end of a long and worthwhile journey.

Nesting Instincts // Speaking of that dissertation writing coming to a close, our second bedroom will now be slowly reclaimed by Baby Baumeister. We spent an evening assembling the crib and changing table… and then later un-packed, un-packaged, and organized what we had accumulated up until that point. It feels good to at least have the necessities put together  (and not just piled up in boxes.) I’m sure nesting will get cranked into higher gear later on. But for now the little guy has a space.

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