Good, True, Beautiful: Week 26

To Read: Articles

Sweet Summer // Bethany Spragins Lutz // “Because maybe, just maybe, all our kids really need this summer is to see their mom smiling in the yard beside her friend while the sun goes down on the dirty kids and the lightning bugs.”

This Is What Postpartum Anxiety Feels Like // Ashley Abramson // “This combination of anxiety and depression among new moms is pervasive enough that women’s mental health providers and reproductive psychiatrists are increasingly abandoning the term “postpartum depression” in favor of the more inclusive “perinatal mood and anxiety disorders” (PMAD), which captures more of the spectrum of psychiatric conditions for which pregnant and postpartum women are at risk.”

What Is Juneteenth? // Jemar Tisby // “Celebrating Juneteenth gives citizens the opportunity to remember the ways freedom has always been circumscribed for people of color and it serves as motivation to press for continual emancipation from all forms of slavery.”

Touch // Stephen McAlphine // “And I wondered, I really did, as I ran on past, whether anyone else in her life that day who wasn’t on the payroll, had actually touched her.  Whether she had had any sort of comforting human contact that wasn’t on a timesheet.”

Prudence > Courage // Matthew Lee Anderson // “Writers delivering such denunciations from the digital heavens (as it were) have no responsibility for their accuracy, and no ability to shape behaviours or beliefs—in other words, no discipline. In a sense, institutions force us to develop prudence.

Writing opinions is easy: making authoritative pronouncements within an institution that establishes a reality for other people to live within is hard.”

(Newsletter) Edible Theology, Issue 9: Wait, Celebrate, and Wait Again // Kendall Vanderslice // A refreshing read, as always.

(Newsletter) Revue, Issue 5: Death, and Evolving Out of Religion // John Starke // Every single article and piece of wisdom he shares here is excellent — and intriguing.

To Read: Books

Peace Like A River and The Great Alone // I usually share once I’ve actually completed the book, but I’ve still been working on these ones! They are long-ish and worth the slow enjoyment! (Plus, I’ve been accidentally falling asleep before my bedtime, thanks to beauty sleeping for two — So my reading time has been cut short on nights when I would read. Babies are also worth it.)

To Watch

The Precious Dad And Baby Who Went Viral Last Week Are Now Starring In A Denny’s Commercial

To Listen: Music

Tony Anderson — Particles (single) // Everything this guy creates is magic. You should listen to everything he’s composed, really.

TBN Cordae — Bad Idea, feat. Chance the Rapper (single) // This is very catchy and I like it.

BJ the Chicago Kid — Worryin’ Bout Me, feat Offset (single) // The people need another BJ the Chicago Kid album.

Pat Savii — Idle Time // This album was a good discovery.

The Head and the Heart — Living Mirage // They will always make luscious, catchy, melodic and moody tunes, and this one was great. I’ve listened this one more times than anything over the past week.

Jonas Brothers — Happiness Begins // We all need those solid, smooth pop jams. It makes for appropriate office music, too.

Lil Nas X — 7 (EP) // He’s baaaaackkkkk. And he brought more songs with him. Panini is my freakin’ favorite.

To Listen: Audio

Good Enough: Clean Living (with Hannah Anderson) // Man, do I love both listening and reading to each of these three ladies. They all have podcast and writing outlets, and having them all together was a Winsome Wisdom Explosion.

To Make

Mini Apple-Strawberry-Rhubard-Spice Pies // Cooked apples with cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice. Added some strawberry-rhubard spread we needed to get rid of. Made gluten-free pie crust, put in the muffin tins, and baked until golden brown at the edges. Added the filling after taken out of the oven.

Salads // Seriously, y’all, just put all the good stuff on top some greens, and you can’t really go wrong. Your body will feel good. (Tuna salad and avocado is a favorite.)

Italian Meatballs // Half turkey, half beef. Added cooked rice, eggs, a bit of beef broth, Italian Seasoning,  and salt. Put them in a crock pot of good spaghetti sauce and let ’em cook throughout the day. (They were just what I was craving, and I feel quite proud of my first ever try at homemade meatballs.)

Warm (Non-Dairy) Milk // Either soy, pea, or almond milk is great — especially the unsweetened vanilla kind. (Dropping in a tea bag after heating gives it a lil’ hint o’ flavor.)

To Cultivate

Leisurely Summertime Joy // An outdoor barbecue-potluck-picnic with friends is just the thing you should enjoy during the warm evenings. Only took these crazy accidental photos, because I was too busy eating, and laughing too loud, and perfecting those lawn game skills.

Bringin’ On The Love and Generosity // As with being engaged, folks are so eager to show love and demonstrate generosity as an outflow of their joy for you. It was almost overwhelming (in the best way) during the wedding-prep season. Sometimes it’s hard to know how to respond and react and repay it all. We’ve only scratched the surface with this 14-week pregnancy. However, our parents and family and friends and coworkers are excited along with us. This week, me and the only coworker who knew shared the news with treats she wrapped at our monthly team meeting. I’m grateful to be surrounded by good people in all areas of life (and by nurses and physicians at work).

Seeing and Experiencing Your Nearby Communities // We hadn’t been to Fulton just to explore, even though we’ve been there for specific things here and there, and have pals who live there. On Saturday, we made the trip. We experienced the street art fair, met a friendly antique store owner, listened to the karoke lineup (Jakob rooted for “Trigger”, an older man in overalls who belted his song with a confidant southern twang), hunted down and chatted with two shop owner pals from church (Olive + Grace and GOPO Gourmet Popcorn, who were renovating their amazing new space), walked to see the overflowing, rushing creek, ate at the favorite local restaurant where we saw yet another person we knew, and spent a couple good hours at the house of some friends who live in town, enjoying the summer weather (and their young son) from the front porch. It pays to make the trip and make the effort. It is worth it to see a town and to see more closely its people.

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