Good, True, Beautiful: Week 8

To Read: Articles

Second Wife, Second Life // Lore Ferguson Wilbert // “This is our first and only life, our one aim is to be found faithful in it. “

Singleness: My Only Companion // Ekemini Uwan // “This is my story, this is my song: I am a 30-something single woman and I have never been in a dating relationship. I’ve never had a boyfriend. I’ve never brought anyone home to meet my family. I’ve never been pursued or even sought after.”

UT’s First Black Undergraduates Tell Their Stories // Not only is the web layout incredible, the photos and stories are fascinating.

Lately, Now and Then // John Blase // Oh, John.

Cultivating A Work-Wise Family // Hannah Anderson // “But what if one of our most basic needs is family?”

How Christians Can Take The Lead With Paid Family Lead // Katelyn Beaty //  “It’s worth remembering that the choice for one parent to stay home full-time after the birth of a child is not available to all.”

The Hem Of The Lord // Annie Parsons // “I did not take the picture. In releasing the moment, it became mine. In becoming mine, it has now become ours.”

To Read: Books

Just Mercy // Bryan Stevenson // Audiobook // This book chronicles Bryan’s work as an attorney at a nonprofit, defending minors and those falsely accused and denied a fair trial, due to various reasons. His storytelling of first hand experience draws you in, but unveils the shame of our country’s unjust treatment of young, vulnerable, traumatized, and wrongfully imprisoned people

Let Justice Roll Down // John M. Perkins // Paperback // Jakob read this memoir first, in two days, and I followed suit. John Perkins tells stories starting from his earliest memories in the sharecropping south up through his present work in Mississippi, and it had me gripped the whole time.

Valentine’s Day is during Black History Month.
“Justice is what love looks like in public, just like tenderness is what love feels like in private.” Cornel West

Enjoy your flowers (or cacti). Enjoy a memoir.
Study your spouse. Study history.
Love shows up in creative ways.

To Watch

The Year Of The Pig // Ryan Booth // Ryan has made a career in film work but this one he shot off the cuff while reuniting with his family got accolades and a Vimeo Staff Pick. It’s incredible how magical regular life can be, and it’s amazing how he was able to capture a day with his family in a way that retains that essence.

The Tree Of Life // Terrence Malick // In college, we had a viewing and discussion with two professors and members of our church, including Gregory Thornbury (now at the Kings College in NYC). I remember lots going over my head, and went on to watch a second time a few years ago. Watching with Jakob this weekend was a joy. It’s a masterpiece. (We looked at a couple articles, after spinning from the beauty of the film. First Things has some great pieces that discuss the Christian nature of Terrence Malick’s films.)

To Listen: Music

The January Lanterns // A couple from our church, with four small children, also have a musical act together. They performed some Sufjan covers at our wedding ceremony. The way their voices and guitar mesh together in harmony is something beyond lovely.

The Wild Reeds, Joseph, Overcoats // Girl bands are always fabulous.

Mumford and Sons, The Head and the Heart, The Lumineers, The Lone Bellow // Indie-Folk-Rock is always a good work option, and I had forgotten about how good some of them were.

“Oh Honey” by BADBADNOTGOOD // A smooth jam.

To Make

Garlic + Lime Tilapia and Roasted Veggies

Molasses + Brown Sugar Cookies (again)

Bacon + Asparagus

To Cultivate

Celebrating Romantic Love // We saw our friends The January Lanterns perform a “Sweetheart Serenade” in Fulton, Missouri. Their covers, their own songs, and the snippets of their own story of marital redemption were captivating and worthy of praise. Love is awe-inspiring and marriage worth fighting hard for.

Our own Valentine’s Day started and ended with slow meals and good conversation. We also capped it off with the Fyre Festival documentary. (WOW was that a rollercoaster).

An Awareness Of And Indignation Against Sexual Abuse // Beth Moore shared a photo of herself around the time she started being sexually molested and others followed suit. It’s heartbreaking. She also shared more thoughts on the searing investigative article on sexual abuse in the SBC:

“There’s nothing more absurd on God’s green earth than using Christ’s gospel as an excuse to ignore gross wrongdoing. Your doctrine fits on a pinhead if your idea of sticking to the gospel means giving an altar call at church but not caring 1 hoot in hades what happens from there.”

“Still convinced that a big contributor to reluctance among many Christian leaders to deal with matters of sexual abuse is guilt over our own sexual sins. We must learn to distinguish between sexual immorality and sexual criminality. Both call for repentance. One calls for police.”

The People’s Policy Project: The Family Fun Pack // Related to the earlier articles on work and family, this is an incredibly valuable collection of research and action items.



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